DSC Fault Message

I get this message on the screen, mostly all the time, but a couple of times it has gone off, but reappears. Today the spinning tire light was flashing and the car lurching, behaving like I was tapping the brake pedal. Then I heard a groaning noise like you get when sliding on ice.
I’ve checked the fuses, all ok.
I know there are sensors in all 4 wheels, and I think there is one in the steering?
Any ideas where I should start to look?

Yes I can tell you where to look.
You need to get the DTCs from the ABS module.
We can all guess and you can replace parts as you go but the module already has a trouble code or two to guide you along a diagnosis.

There are more sensors in the system (like a yaw rate sensor) but guessing can get expensive.

A MY would really help also because the X200 and X202 are really different cars.

MY = model year. It’s a 2000 3.0L V6
X200 is 1999-2002
DTC = diagnostic trouble code
My OBD code reader is showing no codes.
The message went off today, then came back on.
I’m suspecting a bad electrical connection somewhere.
My brother suggested cleaning the wheel sensors, because they pick up iron dust from the brake discs.


Is your code reader an OBD reader or a full diagnostic scanner? In other words, does it read all the modules in the car. I’m surprised that the fault you have has not generated any fault codes.I also have an intermittent DTC failure warning that also brings on the ABS light but my scanner points to a signal failure from one of the ABS sensors. LH rear as it happens.

A generic OBDII powertrain ‘scanner’ will not read Chassis or Body codes.

You will need to find someone with a Jaguar specific code reader that has dealer level software.

Over the years I bought several WDS units and a few IDS VCMs for laptops.
I am running IDS DVD 118.5 on a Dell laptop as well as WDS 43 on a few PTUs.

If you are near North Central Texas I can read your codes in ALL the modules.

There are other diagnostic units that can read Jaguar specific modules so you need to find somebody with one or go to the dealer and ask them to scan all the modules for a complete diagnosis.

Guessing can get expensive. (but the parts guy will LOVE you)

Well, this one is for the story book.
It was a broken right rear stabilizer bar link.

This car has roll and yaw sensors, and is so smart that it detected too much lean over on curves while braking, and thought I was in mortal danger.

New rear links installed, pull out of my driveway, stopping at the sidewalk, turn left, drive to the end of the street, brake, turn left, brake, turn right, and the fault code went away.

The car feels and drives a lot better too. :smile:

BTW, these left and right rear links are not marked L&R, and it is possible to put them on the wrong sides; they will fit, but it looks wrong, fortunately I caught it.

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The fault code came back. This time it’s the steering rotation angle sensor, which is located on the upper steering column. JTIS says you have to remove the wheel and column to change this.
Anyone have a picture of this?

It’s too cold here to work outside, so I took the car to Firestone and they replaced the steering angle sensor. I believe it reads holes in a ring.

The fault message is gone, but the light in the instrument panel that looks like a spinning tire kicking up stones is flashing at the rate of every half second, and the Firestone tech could not stop it.
They thought I would have to go to a Jag dealer to have it reset.
Does anyone know if I can reset this thing myself?