DTC Fail Fuel 33 ,Fuse 1 , Erase


Jag is just running great but I have a few minor problems.

Fuse 1: lights up in the speedometer. but it and all fuses in fuse 1-3 are fine. What else can it be ?

VCM: Fail / Fuel: Code 33 is in the speedometer. I had removed and cleaned injectors, and there were also new injector plugs. Error does not go away.

Clear DTC: I tried to clear the error and held the DTC cable against earth for 3 seconds. sorry, that is not possible. Errors are still all there.

Engine control light is off!

I normally clear codes by disconnecting battery for about 30 secs. Not heard of the way you note in the post with the connector etc.

Make sure you have radio code before disconnecting battery

Is the fuse warning light present all the time or only when you turn on certain accessories ?
I used to have a ’ blown fuse ’ warning light flicker sometimes when my engine cooling fans kicked in. The fuse was fine but the solder joint to the rear of the fuse box had cracked and I cured it by reflowing all the joints. I would try and identify which circuit is affected then examine the relevant fuse box with an eye loupe, you have to look really closely to spot the solder cracks.
Code 33 relates to the ‘Injector circuit’ Haynes manual says it indicates ‘an open or short circuit’. Seeing as you don’t have a check engine light illuminating it could be just a stored code that needs erasing. I’d try disconnecting the battery for a minute or two ( as Larry pointed out, make sure you have the radio code !! ) if the code returns after that you will obviously have to investigate further.
Good luck.

hello and thanks for your answer,

Fuse 1: always lights up!
haven’t forty that long, but Fuse1 is on.

can I simply remove the Fuse Box Fuse 1 and solder all of the points?

now I have the check engine lamp on with Fuel Fail 44 since today.
I cleaned the plug of the Oxysensor …
Let’s see if it stays off …

strange is that the idle speed has also increased 1200rpm

You have a vacuum leak maybe?

There’s a very good chance the raised idle speed and the latest CEL / FF44 are related, especially if you have a vacuum leak.
Check every vacuum pipe and connection on and around the inlet manifold really carefully for splits and perishing. You could also try spraying a little brake cleaner around any connections to see if you can see it being sucked in, or listen for a change in engine note.
Quite a few members on JL have had the FF44 and CEL at some point, myself included. With some it’s been very intermittent and may only appear every few weeks or even months of driving. With others it’s been ever present from the moment the car is started until the cause was found and rectified. The oxy sensor is quite long lived but they can fail and wander out of tolerance, but it might help if you read some of the previous posts about ff44 and the causes and cures other members have had.