DTC P1647 'O2 sensor

Well my XJR-100 is pushing the 100k mark clocking in at 91k and I got a limp home mode switcharoo on my way home from a quick jaunt. Upon further investigation it would appear that the upstream O2 sensor is complaining. that being said; I’ve ordered replacements NTK 25607 & NTK 25702. Not happy that the clips don’t match black for downstream and grey for upstream. Is it worth emptying my pockets for an additional $350 (from the dealer) to make the clips match? I think not.

Ok side tracked again
My question is this. Has anyone cleaned the O2 sensor with any varying degrees of success? I plan on replacing the sensors anyway, but the parts won’t arrive until January. I’d kinda like to have the available between then and now.

Just curious.

I would Get a denso sensor

Thanks Andy for the response. Too late, I’ve already purchased the NTK’s I guess I’ll just find something else to tinker with…. Umm like my old reliable XJ6
that turned me into a liar (about being reliable). :0