Dual Circuit Brake Upgrade?

Greetings All,

Anybody done the conversion on a MKVII to a dual circuit brake system to replace the original single circuit?

I haven’t but I’ve thought about it.
Years ago there was an artical in Jaguar Driver about using a double acting servo from a VW. Here in UK there is a company called Car Builders Solutions which offer a similar servo.
The set up in Jaguar Driver had a single feed from the master cylinder rather than go to the trouble of fitting a duel. Unfortunately I don’t have the artical anymore.
Obviously there is plenty of room underneath the Mk7 unlike other models to put the servo. A balancing valve could be used to even things out if necessary.
Modern servos may be more suitable for disc brakes cars rather than drum, but I’m not sure.

Greetings All,

I’m going to find out what the piston bore size on the Jag is via an interchange book and then see what else is out there only in a dual circuit.

I seem to remember the single circuit unit was the same as a dual circuit Jeep unit.

I have some parts that I need to check an interchange book, when I get the info, I’ll post it here.

That is how Rover 2000s did it.