Dull headlights

hi all, have been thinking about changing the 55watt globes for 100watt globes to see if they will give out more light. has anyone tried this and did it make any difference at all. just thinking of a cheaper option to fitting x308 lights.

I did that with my old ‘40, but that had glass lenses, the X300 are plastic/acrylic? Don’t fancy their chances of surviving with 100w JIMHO.

The US headlights on the X300 are glass (and not cheap plastic).

Oddly, my 95 XJ6VP has (and previous 97 XJ6VP) has/had bright headlights. They are much brighter than my Mercedes of the same era. Wonder if the adjustment makes a difference?


In that case I can’t see any down side to updating the bulbs. BUT Spurs is in Australia so my concern still stands until proven wrong for his car.

Removing the lamps and washing out the film on the inside of the unit and the reflector will improve things. More so if you also fit Osram Nightbreakers or Philips Pathfinders bulbs.
BUT the most improvement will be to fit X308 units and these bulbs!!!

are we talking about the chrome reflector or the clear lens? as far as i can tell the clear lens are glass.



Washing out the inside of the glass lens and reflector unit!

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