Dumb XK120 Question Of The Day

You’d think this would be obvious, but does the transmission tunnel flange fit over or under the floorboard? I’m cobbling up a floorboard template from a scrap of 7/16" CDX sheathing I had on hand. This is a roadster, OTS.

On my XK140 the tunnel cover fit on top of the floorboards. The floorboards had T shaped projection weld nuts attached to the underneath of the floorboards and oval washers on top



Over. The screws and oval washers hold the cover down on the plywood.
This is my FHC, but the principle is the same.

If I’m not mistaken, the actual cover is the same as well.
There was a change in part number, BD.4078 listed for OTS, to BD.6256 listed for FHC/DHC. I believe this related to the addition of the small removable cover on the right hand side held by 3 screws. This was needed for access to the front driveshaft U-joint grease fitting, which was farther forward with the JL and OSL gearboxes.

The gearbox cover BD.3168 on alloy cars is visually different.

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The idea was that you could “easily” remove that cover to get access to the gearbox from the top.
If fitted below the floorboards that would imply that you would first have to remove these floorboards + the seats.

Bob K.

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