DVD Navigation System


Harlem, my '00 XJ8, didn’t come with one of the players (I guess it was a factory/dealer option?). I now have the opportunity to buy a good used player from a vendor, but want to make sure it is “plug and play” (like the optional CD player/changers) before I plunk down $$s for it. Does it work that way, or will I need to buy other parts to make it work with my car? :grimacing:

(john colville) #2

Not sure about additional parts, but, you will need a CD (of which I have a spare one ;).
I was able to activate the unit in my car which does work although I’m not sure I actually need the original owners travel plans.
John Colville
Vernon, BC

(Andy) #3

You need the wiring loom which isn’t easy to fit.

They also go on about an audio module.


Ut oh. I wondered if, like with the cd changers, the wiring is already in place behind the bulkhead. Sounds like it’s not, though … (I too had also worried whether the DVDs for the guidance system are also still available from Jag, as i have never seen them offered for sale used) … :frowning_face:

(Andy) #5

Last map update 2003 I think

(Wayne Canter) #6

I can’t answer for jaguar but if your car was offered with navigation as an option when new I would be more surprised if the necessary wiring was not in place already then it being there. As the options got more numerous it was cheaper for the manufacturer to have one wiring harness then numerous harnesses.

(Andy) #7

Not applicable to Jaguar X308 though.

Also navigation was a considerable option across all manufactures back then

(Wayne Canter) #8

Based on the conversation this system relied on CDs or DVDs for the updates. Does that not make it strictly hardware based and not GPS based. Do you know for a fact that there’s a separate harness be interesting to see a parts catalog on this particular car. I’m in the process of ordering some factory literature on this and several other jaguar lines be interesting to research this.

(Andy) #9

The roads are on DVD. The car has a GPS on the parcel shelf (another item that is required).

It uses the GPS coordinates to know which road you are on and which direction you are travelling in.

The navigation wiring hardness is part of the ICE (In Car Entertainment) hardness which runs down the middle of the car to the head unit.


Wow … how “primitive”, in retrospect, kinda like the in-car phone system of the X-300s … Now we just use our Iphones and it shows/tells us where we are, how to get where we want to go, and even any traffic obstacles along the way … :slight_smile:

(Andy) #11

Maybe I over simplified it in explanation. They were functional, got you to your destination well. And would dynamically recalculate the route if the driver ignored instructions.

The systems would get worst before they got better. (In landrovers)

(Andy) #12

Apparently there is a change to the GPS date broadcast in April, so the Nav may not longer work :frowning: