Dynamator alternator conversion, any experience/

(Weston Keyes) #1

Hello Folks,
I am researching an alternative to an original generator for a customers XK140. I see adds for a Dynamator alternator that looks sorta like an original C45. Does anyone have any experience with this unit or know of any other people making them?

Many thanks
Wes Keyes

(Roger King) #2

I have a Dynator copy of a Lucas C40T dynamo in my 289 Cobra, which works very well. As you can see in the photo, this car (a leafspring UK-market road car) has a cable tachometer drive off the back of the dynamo which this unit replicates. It all works beautifully with a very few wiring mods. I also have a dummy control box from Dynalite, which is very clever (just visible on the other side of the engine bay bulkhead). This has all the needed wiring modifications made internally, and incorporates a 40A (‘whole system,’ bar starter) fuse for added safety. Looking under bonnet, the only difference you can spot is that the yellow ignition light cable to the RB106 is connected to a different terminal from usual. The Cobra uses an ignition warning light and an ammeter, all of which I have retained for originality. Very pleased with it all round.


edit - sorry Wes, just noticed you are in the US. The main manufacturers of these in the UK are Dynator (as I used) and Dynalite (who supplied my RB106 control box). I could easily have used a Dynalite alternator as well. I don’t know who handles these in the US.

(Nick Green) #3

I fitted one to my 140 about ten years ago. It has worked without problem and was easy to fit/wire up.

It has a fairly low output for an alternator, about 30 Amps I think so I didn’t have to upgrade the cables or ammeter.

I think the newer ones are higher output but not sure.

(Ed Nantes) #4

The local ones here have an aluminium barrel. So i got them to put it in the lathe and turn the outside to a reaonable impression of a special equipment generator.

(Roger King) #5

Yes, these are aluminium casings as well. The one shown in the Cobra engine bay is exactly as supplied, but at some point I intend to engrave it with the Lucas markings. The Dynator is (I think) either 45 or 50A.

(- 1950 MkV, 1959 XK150,) #6

Hi Ed, who did you use locally, as I am probably in the market for one too.

(Ed Nantes) #7

It was from Castlemaine Auto Electrics. (CAE)

(Weston Keyes) #8

Hello Folks,
Many thanks to all for the input and sources. Much appreciated!

Wes Keyes
York, Maine

(Paul Wigton) #9

Was it a XXXX brand dynamator?

(john newton) #10

Hi Wes i put the Dynalite C45 on my 140 last year Easy to install(correct bolt holes and threads etc) and connect .Full wiring instructions supplied.Looks the part and very happy with it