Dynamator in a Mk 2

Anybody tried a Dynamator to replace the dynamo? http://www.accuspark.co.uk/dynamator.htm .Looks like a good concept. I have a C45 dynamo in my 1962 3.8L Mk2 with power steering. Looks like they don’t make the C45 replacement with power steering, so am considering using the C42 version and adapting the engine mount bracket. I’d be interested if anybody has experience with these units.

I look after a couple of cars which are running them. I thought there are C45 ones ones with a takeoff for the Hobourn Eaton PAS pump, but the ones I’ve dealt with were all plain.

A good product in my experience, especially with their regulator substitute box - almost invisible to the untrained eye.

Thanks Andrew. Seems like it’s worth a try. I contacted the sellers and they told me they don’t sell a C45 with the PAS mount. So I guess I’ll try the C42.


pn: LMDC45RD


I have recently fitted a C42 Dynamator, also driving the power steering pump, on my MK2, and so far so good.
It replaced a C48 Dynamo which was a little longer, so I had to space out the mounting a little, but it all seems to be working. I also had to find a different pulley as the shaft size is different.

It was so much cheaper than the C45 replacements I saw from other vendors, I had to give it a go!


Thanks very much David, that’s exactly the setup I was thinking about. I’ll give it a try and report back. I have the C45 which looks to be similar to the C48 - about 9mm longer than the C42. I will have to find a source for a pulley to fit the shaft diameter also. thanks again guys.

Hi David, did you leave your ammeter in place and does it work with the Dynamator? I’m thinking that alternators usually use a volt meter, but the instructions don’t say anything about that. I am going to try to install my dynamator this week and I’m hoping the wiring is straight forward.


I had an alternator in place before, so all I did was connect it up - I am not sure it was done particularly well, so is on my list of tasks to get done.
I still have the ammeter, but I am not sure it tells me much, and some people have suggested that you have high current wiring where you do not need it? I was going to consider swapping to a voltmeter, but have not looked into how to get one that looks right.


You can buy a voltmeter brand new from nisogner that is period correct. I just replaced my ammeter with one and it works perfectly and no longer am I cooking wires or worrying about high current behind the dash.


I am about to try a similar thing as my old arrangement which came with the car - an alternator with a strange dog on the back to connect it to the PAS pump has worn down. May I ask how you adapted your mounting to fit a C42? I have a C45 mount which is just a little shorter than the gap on a C42.

I bought the full alternator replacement kit from Cool Cat Corp. It has a bracket that adapts the new alternator to the drive dog on the PS pump. I’m not so familiar with the mounts and what’s what, as my car has an E type 4.2 in it now so the brackets were all mixed and matched.

thanks. do you have a link to that kit you could send? I cant find it on Cool Cats. It might be the kit that was already fitted to my car which I cant trace!

Hi Freddie

I did not have to do anything to the back of the dynamator - the old power steering pump bolted straight on. My mounting bracket (combined with the engine mount), had been messed with to fit an alternator in the past. I chopped off what had been added and used the mount as it. I had to add a couple of spacers at one end to ensure that the C42 was well secured and aligned with the fan belt, but it was the original dynamo (C48) bracket.



Theres a couple of GREAT VERSIONS.
One has the warning light and one is a one wire.
The weight savings is huge and everything is modern
You might have to shim it on the bracket but the dipping lights and low volt meter all goes away!
Love it, used them on many early cars from Jag to Aston to MGA.

thanks. I’m nearly there. now wrestling with the pulley which wont come off the old, flawed, XKs unlimited alternator conversion!

one last question - just putting the pump onto the back of the dynamator (lockdown has some benefits) - and I wondered if you greased the dog as you assembled it or does that potentially damage the rubber in there?

Rubber grease would be ok but I wouldn’t use regular grease or oil.

thanks. does it need anything really?

TBH no idea as I haven’t seen one in the flesh. Just offering a thought on the decision to use grease on a rubber item.