Dynamo lead connections

Hi, I am in the process of terminating the wiring to the various components, on the car after installing a new wiring harness, I have got to the Dynamo and found that the newly rebuilt unit has two connection on the back of the same size without any markings either, so which one is the D terminal and the F terminal ? also there is a threaded hole that may have a missing connection, the dynamos I have worked with before have a large terminal and a smaller one
to make it easy to identify which is which, am I missing something here ?


In your first photo the field is on the left and the D output on the right.

And the centre hole is for the set screw that fixes the Bakelite insulation cap. These caps are not easy to find and are often pricey. I don’t know if there is an aftermarket type available. You can run without it but be careful you don’t contact the terminals with the engine running.

The two studs are different diameters and your harness should have different diameter eyelets to match.

I suppose I should have gone to spec savers !
I am used to very large connection and a smaller one, I will have to select a smaller crimp ring to the one I have on the harness, very good point on the insulation between the two , for the price I paid for the rebuilt dynamo and the electronic voltage regulator conversion it should have been included ! I will see what I can rig up
I suspect I may have more wiring questions in the very near future
Thanks all