E Bay has gotten unusable. IE. xj6

Heads up for those selling xj6 parts on E Bay…
It has gotten impossible to search for parts for an XJ6. On ebay I enter xj6 and I only get some 18 listing for cars…no parts. Even if I try to go to all…
Just a heads up…
Keep in mind I own many many many cars/trucks…I am not interested in ebay telling me what fits and what does not…And I certainly do not trust the seller to know…
It came to an end…
Tomorrow, I suppose XKE will come to an end…
Like going to an auto parts store…wanting, to buy, for example, a lower radiator hose for say…a '69 XKE…No listing…yet there is a one piece hose…the Auto Parts store has no clue…
Just a heads up…
Suggestion…list parts on the classifieds here

I have been noticing that searching XK120 parts on gumtree UK which is owned by ebay now I believe.

It doesn’t matter what you do to try altering the category it just snaps back to what it wants you to see.

Adding the word “parts” to the search seems to be a workaround though you imagine not every listing would have the word “parts” in it’s text.

By way of interest US ebay seems to be much clunkier for automotive than AU and UK. The XJ6 search works fine for those.

Something is definitely screwed up. I just put ‘XJ12’ in and both cars and a huge slug of parts came up as usual, whereas ’XJ6’ only brought up cars for sale.

You may try the same, as many sellers list XJ6 / XJ12 in their descriptions.

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All the search engines are getting dumber not smarter. My recent experience is the same. My other pet hate is “fits Jaguar E type” and it will be a poxy “turbo” emblem that you wouldn’t put on kid’s toy.


I’ve got disillusioned with ebay and Google - doesn’t seem to matter what you search for, all you seem to get offered is something from someone who’s paying them a lot of money.

That might be just my perception rather than being real, and there are a lot of tricks you can do with your search text, and I guess these can be Googled :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The simplest is to enclose your text in quotation marks, which is meant to only return exact matches but in my experience this doesn’t work.


And selling has become bad too.
I just sold a Jag part, and found that E Bay will not release payment to me until the buyer recieves the item. As the item is going by boat to Australia, I won’t see the money for 6 weeks.



Your perception is my reality. It is beyond frustrating. I find myself going to more small brick and mortar places. I prefer real human intelligence over artificial ad dollar skewed intelligence.

Ebay probably has your buyer’s money already.
Seems my credit card is dinged before I get the item .

Unless it is for an extremely rare item, I pretty much have now rejected fleaBait for my use.

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I’m fine with ebay but it tries too hard with auto parts and we in our niche market get worse results than if the search wasn’t so “smart”. It’s also dishonest and doesn’t show all results.

Ebay not releasing money immediately has to do with protection from scammers and I haven’t minded it, after all you still get your money. If the search wasn’t so terrible I’d probably use ebay only.

Amazon is much worse but they don’t carry Jaguar parts so I don’t need it so often…

On the ebay page just right of the blue search button is Advanced…dont type into the main search area just click advances…it takes you to a search page…type in xj6…then just below select the catagorie “vehicle parts”…try it its quite good…you can even search for past sold parts to get an idea of values etc…Steve

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I get my payout within a few days of sale. I think they should release funds once an item has been confirmed its shipped. Too many sellers sit on a sale for days or weeks before shipping. I usually ask for a refund if they play that game.
Seller fees are brutal too.

Not sure why you’re having issues. This search returned 43k entries

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