[E-Type] 2+2 Interior assembly sequence

I have been fitting my BAS interior kit. Note that this is a 1973 2+2.

Here is a list of all the pieces of vinyl which I think should be glued
onto the body shell before proceding:

*front seat mounts (x8)
*under front ends of cantrails (x2) (black)
*rear edge of upper B post (x2)
*edge of door hinge under draught excluder (x2)
*behind top of lower rear seat back
*above seat belt reel (x2)
*beside outer ends of rear seat bottom (x2)
*around rear hatch lip
*above lip of spare wheel compartment

Have I missed any?

Cutting the vinyl requires a little forethought, as the piece of vinyl
supplied is only just big enough:

*Cut out the vinyl for the main cantrails first, leaving the biggest offcut
possible in the centre.
*Then from the remaining piece cut the ring which goes around the hatch lip.
*Then cut the other required pieces from the remaining offcuts.

I have also started to work out the correct sequence of assembly (after
having to remove a couple of newly glued items).

*vinyl around rear hatch before hatch seal
*vinyl around rear hatch before lower luggage side panel
*lower luggage side panel before upper luggage side panel

*roof periphery before headlining
*headlining before cantrails
*upper luggage side panels before cantrails
*cantrails before side window rubbers
*side window rubbers before side windows

*vinyl on seat mounts before carpet on crossmember
*carpet on crossmember before tunnel carpet
*carpet below back seat before tunnel carpet

*rear window wiring before rear hatch trim
*rear hatch upper trim before rear hatch lower trim
*rear hatch lower trim before rear hatch glass

*cantrails before door rubbers
*door rubbers before doors

Does this seem correct?
Are there any other sequence traps?
Any further hints or tips welcome

Mike Morrin
1973 2+2