E type 4.2 radiator "filler" felt

The JCNA judges guide refers to a felt filler on top of the radiator screen and references J30.

Looking in J37, I see P. 235 no felt filler seal shown. Does that mean with a 4.2, 1966, I don’t need to have any filler material there?


The judging guide references BOTH J30 Pg 235. & J37 Pg 212

I just opened a delivery box of radiator screen and support frame. Both are cad plated. Do I need to paint over the cad support frame to make it “light grey with a slight green tint” ?


Only if you wish to be Concours correct .

EBAY Item # 233009671377 Correct for all 6 cylinder cars. Size, dimensions and color is in the 3.8 parts manual. Only mentioned as a felt seal in the later parts manuals.