[E-Type] 4:88 diff, bonnet paint bubbles, engine breathing

No doubt that any of these things should be for the true purest
(Like Jerry M. and his incredibly perfect stock, but driven, coupe).

But it might interest some…

4:88 diff is great fun, but it is for a race e, definately not
street. Redline at 7500, great excelleration…zowee

I have had problems with paint bubbling on the bonnet above the
exhaust manifold. Dave Ferguson (at images autobody in campbell ca,
does a lot of e-types) suggested a series three exhaust shield
mounted above the exhaust manifold. Put it in and it looks like it
belongs… so for the less pure- it looks to solve that problem (I
have heard other have had this problem, but it had never occurred
for me until the race stuff).

I was also having problems with oil being pumped out into the catch
can when racing, so now put in the D-Type style cam covers with
the extra engine breathing…seems to work so far.

Heads up to anyone changing from the moss box to the later all
synchro box. I was sold a all synchro box minus the actual shift
mechanism. We modified the old moss box mechanism, but it just
didn’t work the same way…so I had to track down that part by
itself (the supplier, GTJ, being no longer in business.

Cove Britton 64 E FHC 59 Mark I 2001 XJR
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