[E-Type] '71 series III for sale (Silver Fox)

The Silver Fox is ready to be sold. I better do this now, because next
week I won’t want to sell it again. Here’s the info…
Good stuff: New metallic silver paint (the acrylic enamel, over $225.
gallon, doesn’t need waxing), body was rust free; black interior looks
good at 5 feet, 4-speed, A/C, AM/FM/SW radio, power steering. NO BONDO,
except what came from the factory. All fluids changed recently, brakes
upgrade to Dot-5. Exhaust from mufflers back replaced, flanges added for
easy removal. Starter rebuilt.
Bad stuff: Tires have about 95% of the tread on them, but are eleven
years old, felt headlliner missing. Electrically, the only thing not
working is the interior light switch at the drivers door. Grill missing.

Offered at $19k US.
It’s been a daily drive since January, when oil seals were replaced.
Taken off the road in June for re-paint. This should be a good
dependable car for someone.
LLoyd -caretaker of PrtyKty-