[E-Type] AC

Like Shelley I spent most of last summer adding AC to my 70 OTS. Shelley
started with a kit from Jerry West and spent a large amount of time. I
bought the pieces from a lister and a new compressor from E-bay and a large
amount of time (should finish as soon as weather gets warmer!). Jerry now
wants app $2500 for his kit, mine with new compressor, new hoses and rebuilt
everything else (new bearings, belts, etc.) will cost me app $900 when done.
I don’t know if one will cool better then the other unless we both measure
the output temperature under app same conditions! Only thing that is certain
is this project is NOT for the novice!!! Only reason I did it is eventual
retirement in a warm climate (SC) also believe I will as a minimum get back
my money invested (not the time). If you want more details contact me
Chuck Leeder (HOTCAT)

I am going to install AC in my 1967 FHC.
Does anyone have an interior shot of their 67 or earlier FHC showing the ac vents?
will the ac outlets from a 1968 FHC fit in the 67 coupe?
what modifications are required?
Ron R
1967 FHC
hoping to be cool!

For one, definitely the radio console.

If you have the toggle switches, you MAY have a problem with the lighted plastic switch info piece that is attached to the bottom of the Inst panel center section. It may hit the A/C unit and prevent you from swinging the panel opening all the way.

67 2+2