[E-Type] An old E-type lover returns to the list, and needs advice of cou

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kowen@master-bilt.com writes:

We finally had a warm day
last Saturday so I got out the Jag and went for my first ride with my new
wife. I think she loves the car almost as much as me,

Now Kenny, let’s be sure we get this right: Does she love the car almost as
much as she loves you, or does she love the car almost as much as you do?

second problem:
I mentioned that I don’t have my manuals any more. Does anybody have a
Bentley manual that they want to sell or does anybody know if they are
in production or available out of production. I’d also like a Haynes
if anybody knows how to get one.

Try British Auto for the Bentley. I got one there last May. 1 800 452 4787
or www.britishautousa.com

My impression is that the Haynes is out of print. I’d like to get one too,
but none of the usual sources list it as available.

Congratulations on getting your car back, and on getting a new wife who
enjoys it with you ! !

Warren Hansen
70 FHC “Silver Bolide”