E-Type at Copart Denver

By member do they possibly just mean having a registered account on their site? If I’m understanding correctly, you need a license issued by your state for certain types of auction. Colorado seems to not require anything to bid on salvage. Not sure if that gets you viewing privileges or not.


No- you have to pay the $99 to get a non-business account at CoPart. In Colorado you don’t need a Broker’s license to bid on salvage cars. Anything else requires a Broker’s license.

@Jeff_Schroeder, are you able to help out Doug?

That car has been on Coparts lot forever, I get inquiries into going to check it out about once a month. I would guess it’s been there and posted going on a year now.

Copart is terrible, plain and simple. Sale dates and bids are removed constantly. I’ve tried bidding on a number of cars and just gave up.

@skiracer unless the car is listed as an outright sale, you have to have either a retail or wholesale license to bid on it (or a proxy). My broker is in L.A. and unless something has changed recently, you need that in place. I was told it’s a liability mitigation issue on Copart’s end. Also should note that car does not have a salvage title, so it wouldn’t apply.

As for this car, it was purchased on BaT as noted, the owner unfortunately rear ended someone, insurance totaled it, he bought a replacement on BaT thereafter.

Three strikes and I’m out. James (politeperson) gave me his CoPart number and when I got there they “couldn’t find it in their system”. What a massive PITA! I don’t see how this can’t be a slavage title- it’s for sale by the insurance company, so they must have totaled it out and the owner didn’t want to buy it back. All I can say is these guys suck, and thank god I’m not in a business that has to deal with them regularly!
Jeff- thanks for validating my opinion of them. If that’s been on the lot for a year without a windshield, that interior is shot and I’m sure rust has started in several places. Not to mention the bugs in everything.


What I think is happening is that they have an obligation to post the cars for auction, but in all actuality, they’ve already sold the cars to themselves or outside parties closely affiliated with Copart.

It’s a sham in that us mere mortals won’t ever get access to anything that isn’t burnt to the ground or destined to be pop cans.

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Looks like the car sold. The last price I saw yesterday morning was just over $30K, but they don’t list the actual sold price. Way too much for this car IMO. If I were looking for an E-Type in the future I would be very wary of the level of repairs done to this car. SHould someone upload these photos to the XKE database as a warning to future buyers?
EDIT- Looks like someone already posted the photos to the XKE database, so that has been covered.

Probably, it’s a legit part of its history now. The buyer’s looking at minimum 100k to put it back together, but it should be nice if the bulkhead isn’t distorted.

I’m thinking the odds of the bulkhead being intact are diminishingly small. Looking at the force imposed on the frames and the damage that the bonnet did to the shut panel would tell me there is at least some distortion of the bulkhead panels. I could certainly be wrong as the crappy photos they posted don’t have sufficient detail to determine this.

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Anyone fancy stealing a Series 1 Roadster, throwing petrol over it and walking away after setting it alight?
Not me, but someone did just that last month.
The remains are for sale at Copart UK.
Interestingly the fuel tank looks intact. Wonder if it still has fuel in it.
It is described as stolen and recovered, so I assume it was arson.
That really must have pleased the previous owner (my commiserations).
The thieves could have become victim to float bowls overflowing I suppose. That would have given them a surprise.
The repairs to the rear quarters are now visible now the filler has burnt off.
I have enough E types, so I wont be bidding, however it looks very savable to me. My guess is £25-£40k. Poor E type.
It has clear title.
Maybe Alex Manos will buy it and it will pop up on the Beverly Hills Car Club!
You would have thought they must have changed those wheels. Did those tyres really survive that heat?

There are less risky ways to strip the paint.

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I can’t imagine that is worth much more than the data tag. All the metal has lost its temper (annealed) and would not withstand any kind of body work or future impact. But, whatever floats someone’s boat…

Lot Number:56170174


Run Condition:Does Not Run




Primary Damage:BURN

Secondary Damage:

Estimated Retail Value:£130,000.00 GBP



I guess I’d lose my temper too if I’d been burnt to a crisp… :grinning:


Does mild sheet steel actually have temper?
If it does is there a difference between heat supplied by a fire and heat supplied by an electric or gas welder?