E type Bonnet query

(David Gaunt) #1

Hi Guys, New to the group I have a query regarding bonnets for the series 2, Is there a difference between a 2+2 and the 2 seater bonnet. I know the 2+2 is about 17 inches longer but I thought that was the door and roof area.


(Jerry Mills) #2

Nope - no difference.
The safety catch MIGHT be in a different location.
2 + 2 is 9 inches longer, not 17.

(David Langley) #3


Welcome to the forum. The Series 2 2+2 bonnet has the safety catch offset to the right, and also has a single windshield washer nozzle in the center with corresponding piping to the washer bottle. On the short wheelbase cars, there are two nozzles mounted in the scuttle ahead of the windshield - there was no room for them there on the 2+2 as the base of the windshield was pulled forwards.


(69 FHC ) #4

Picture showing catch and receiver on a 1969 2+2. Also note the plumbing associated with the windshield washer nozzle David mentioned.

Picture showing the catch and receiver for a 1969 FHC,

All the additional length of 9 inches of the 2+2 is between the firewall (bulkhead in Jaguar speak) and the rear wheel openings.

(David Gaunt) #5

Thanks for your reply.

(David Gaunt) #6

Thanks guys, I thought I would ask the question as I have just returned from a classic car show and there was a DHC etype, I was talking to the owner and I commented on how good the inside of the bonnet was, was it new. He said he has had the car for 29 years and the bonnet came with but also remarked that he thought the bonnet was off a 2+2, he was unsure why.