[E-Type] Carmine Red or Signal Red


My 68 OTS is red that I had mixed because I did not want any orange to
show even if the car was in the driect sunlight. Because I was the ???
owner of the car the firewall and the frame was painted battleship grey
when I bought the car. The original color was light blue based on what
is behind the fuze panel. I have stripped the engine compartment of
ancellary equipment and painted the firewall and frame the same color as
the body and am very happy. If you only enter your car in Driven class,
you can get by with murder because the bonnet and boot are not opened.
It’s your car and paint it the color YOU like, because you will have to
look at it a long time. So far I have never been challenged on my color
because most judges don’t have a color chart with them when they judge.
What ever you do, get the mixture formula for your car so you can always
reorder more paint. I have done this and a knowledgeable paint person
can mix you a duplicate without much problem.

Len W
68 OTS

Thanks Len.
Mike Moore