[E-Type] Chokes and Paint Jobs?

I’m not sure who started this thread but I have a kind of funny note to

Mike, I’ve had trouble with paint shops trying to start an unfamiliar car, I
labeled the choke with a sign that said “choke, it likes it” to assist teens
who’ve never seen a non-Japan car. Be wary of what they may do while
unattended. Just my opinion…

I s*ubscribe to a Datsun Z car list as well and one fellow had someone
attempt to steal his 240Z out of the driveway. They thoroughly pulled
apart the dash looking for a hidden kill switch because it wouldn’t
start. They were too stupid to know what that knob on the console
marked “Choke” was for!!!

My own '73 240Z with twin SU’s requires the choke for a few moments even
on days where it’s 110 F outside.