[E-Type] Clive's Oil Leak Cure - Agree Strongly

Those oil banjo bolts are a huge culprit when oil leaks occur. I got advice
from the list a while back that it may be a problem. Upon removing the bottom
one (there are three), I found that the PO had cranked the washers down so far
that the copper washers were paper thin. I not only replaced the washers but
the bolts as well. (Actually I cranked one down so hard I stripped it in the
block…good thing it was there and not in the aluminum head or it would have
been disaster.) Used no sealant or lube (but I’m sold on Loctite stuff, just
didn’t know it was available) and the results were immediate and satisfying.
The tough one is that banjo bolt located beneath the tachometer generator on
the rear of the right cam cover. I don’t know of any way to get to it except to
remove the Tach generator, then release the throttle linkage to get a little
more “wrench room”. Is there any special tool that shortens the long, tedious
effort needed to work in this area between the firewall and head???
Steve Roush, 62 OTS, HuntBch,CA (Its not as bad as replacing heater tubes, but
having gynecologists hands would still have helped!!)