E-Type Convertible Tops

Does anyone know when the shot bag was in the E type convertible tops and do you have any written support for this?

The photos in the Mueller & Haddock Originality Guide show a shot tube about 1/2" or so in diameter across the whole width of the top around 3" ahead of the top of the rear window. I’ve also seem a photo on this site of a Series 2 top damper, which appears to be a small rectangular bag in the center of top. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about when the damper first appeared, and when the form changed.

The S2 damper:

Not lead (on mine), just a piece of dense foam:

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Definitely present on the 3.8 (across the top of the roof) as per Haddock. I had mine taken out of my old roof and resewn into the new roof when I had it made in 2019.

Are shot bags literally filled with buckshot? I have a Series 2 with a replacement fabric roof which fits tightly, but resonates at speed if a window is down. I don’t recall a shot bag on the original roof but I also don’t recall any problem with resonance. It was vinyl. I assume these bags are glued to the roof. Is that correct?

I’ve often thought of using my vacuum forming machine to make something like that out of a piece of ABS sheet that could be glued to the canvas. Perhaps a 2-piece affair so it could be height adjustable, as VERY little tension is required to stop the drumming.

I have shoved a half empty water bottle up there to stop the drumming. Not very classy, but effective.

Better than a certain feminine hygiene product which looks like it would be just the right size and shape.

And adhesive backed! :rofl:

You had to go there, didn’t you?

Mine is sewn across the hood (as it was on the hood that was replaced).

With wings!

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Nice looking top! What was the source for this?

GB Classic Trim - Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Bespoke made to measure hood and frame restoration. Superb finish.

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This is an original lead shot bag from the convertible top. It is approximately 5/8" in diameter and marked Jaguar Cars Ltd Coventry regularly down its length. It’s wrapped in a sisal cord with about two feet extra on each end, presumably for pulling it through the pocket in the top. It does not have its own part number and is part of Hood Cloth Assembly #BD20582.



Is this for a particular year ? I ask because I recall seeing photos of a small square pouch glued to the top on later models



This is the S1 hood. The S2 hood does away with the lead shot and uses a square pouch as a damper (photo earlier in the thread). The S2 hood sticks are also different to the S1, the S2 has two hoops whilst the S1 has three subtely changing the hood profile


I have heard from several people that ALL series one ots cars had the lead pouch.
Does anyone have supporting evidence for this?

Yes in that we we have all the Jaguar Service and Spares bulletins and none of them refer to any variation in the hood part number or fittings for the S1.

Thank you David .(and twenty)