[E-Type] "Cool" Quotes

I know that the article in Automobile Magazine (October 2004) about the top 100 coolest cars has already been mentioned, but I would like to share two quotes from the write ups:

Cool Car #4 (XK-120): “In traffic, the XK-120 ws like a ferret darting among a formation of marching geese.”

Cool car #10 (E-Type): “Besides potent performance, the E-Type was so sexy that had the birth control pill not debuted the year before, someone would have needed to to invent it.”

The Top Ten Coolest Cars:
10 - Jaguar E-Type
9 - Lancia Stratos
8 - Astom Martin DB5
7 - MB 300SL
6 - Dusenburg J / SJ / SSJ
5 - Citroen DS (what!!)
4 - Jaguar XK-120
3 - Shelby Cobra
2 - Porsche 911
1 - 63-73 Corvette Sting Ray

(the only other Jag was #18: XKSS)

The authors willing admit up front their list is totally subjective – who can define “cool”, anyhow.

Still, love the quotes


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