[E-Type] cooling fan mysteries

Someone just made a comment about cooling fans comeing on and off in
mysterious ways. There are two ways to control/understand the situation.

One is to sacrifice your youngest daughter to the Lukas gods, which
involves knives, blood and an alter, fire and a full moon. Rather messy,
but it works, I am told.
The second is to understasnd what is happening within the engine. You
pull into the garage, the engine is not QUITE hot enough for the fans to
come on, shut the car down. As heat is transferred from the hot block to
the water, in a couple minutes the fans will turn themselves on. Very
strange, you say. After some minutes you start the car and move it ten
feet, shut it off, and the fans have mysteriously stopped. At this point
you start wondering what your wife will say when you tell her about the
sacrifice. Ahhh, but all is ok. You see, the water in the radiator has
been cooled by the fans; when you started the car the cooler water was
drawn into the engine, warmer water dumped into the radiator, and the
cooler water has turned off the otter switch.
Say four Hail Mary’s, pat Budda on the belly, and dismantle the alter.
If you are in the northern hemisphere, put your feet up and open a beer,
raise it to the gods of the four winds.
LLoyd -hopeing lightning doesn’t strike me…-