[E-Type] crashed E

My first thought is “unbelievable” but alas it is believable. A sad
state of affairs and frustrating to say the least. Hopefully your
comment about stated value will save others from your fate.

pauls 67ots

the E is still sitting in the body shop, with a brand new bonnet in the
crate next to it… they’ve been backlogged with other cars on the
machine, I’m next … the mechanical shop had everything ready to put
back together when the bodyshop is finished.

Allstate just overnighted me a check to settle the claim, I had to
accept a
value of 28k and they can only pay 80% of that unless they declare the
totalled… So bottom line is that, I get hit, she doesn’t even get a
and I receive 22k out of probably 35k damage… fair isn’t it ? Of
if I had raised the stated value on my policy I would have been able to
a claim with my insurance but I was under the impression that if
somebody is
at fault they pay… well you learn everyday…


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