[E-Type] Decommissioning the Jaguar Automated Rustproofing Sy stem

Steve wrote: "In our last episode, Steve was in pursuit of the Holy
Grail…a garage floor with no oil spots on it…I seem to recall a
gasket sealant that people raved about in a thread about 3 months ago. My
recollection is that this would be an ideal application along with the
replacement gasket…but I can’t remember the name of the sealant. Anyone
recall the product name?

The next target is an oil leak on the front end of the engine. I sure hope
that it is not the front crank seal. Wherever the oil is coming from, some
of this seems to get thrown onto the inside of the front passenger side
wheel and brake caliper…possibly off the crankshaft damper? Any

I don’t know if this is what was discussed, but a product called “The Right
Stuff” works well. Comes in a pressure can like Cheeze Whiz" and I have
been told it also comes in a non pressurized tube. Bare gaskets have their
place but don’t seal well if there are small irregularities in the mating
surfaces. There is nothing wrong with using modern sealants, just don’t go
overboard on the application. I have never had a leak where I used this

On the front of the engine check the joint between the head and the
block/front timing cover where the head is held down by six studs and nuts,
two on each side and two in the front.

Regards, John Walker
69 2+32

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