[E-Type] Dig. Camera

Yes, digital cameras are great. They're getting better and cheaper each

year. HOWEVER do not make the mistake of thinking you can take digital

photos for enlargements; not enough digital information for enlarging. A

client of mine spent $10,000 on a Nikon digital camera; took over 400

“photos”, and now at the time of the Offshore Technology
Conference, they

find that they cannot use any of the images (enlargements) for their

display. All of a sudden, 35mm film looks pretty good and cheap.

Patrick McLoad-------------------------

At 11:13 PM 3/23/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Awhile back there was mention here of a digital camera closeout at an

>supply chain. I didn’t get to buy one, and now I’m glad. I found that

>CoolPix 100 camera is being closed out by a couple of places for $99

>shipping, of course) Got mine from
This’ll be

>great for taking pictures as you disassemble the Jag so you can
figure out


>it goes back together. One possible drawback is that it connects to

>computer by a PCcard port, (no impossible to replace cables to get
lost or

>fouled up - the camera is built on a 1Mb RAMcard) but you can add one
to your

>desktop for around $30 (I just did). I am seriously impressed - took


>of my house and had it printed in 5 minutes. Download a shareware
copy of

>Paintshop Pro, and you can manipulate the images. This thing is just

>NEAT. (No, I don’t work for Nikon (I WISH) or Surplus Direct, I just

>getting good stuff cheap.). Go get 'em!


>Paul Matchok