[E-Type] E Clutch Slave Cylinder and other bits (some tech)

Hi Martyn

Just to let you know I am not dead (yet). Just had a @*##$%# of a week
and not much time available to dabble in the Email set. Weekend before
last, my newly installed Pertronix Ignitor stuffed up and I had to
convert back to the points and condenser on Saturday. Just sent it back
to British Auto last Friday. They were very accommodating BTW, agreeing
to replace the unit free of charge and pick up the postage costs to and
from Australia. Should get the replacement around the end of October.

So, just got the car back on the road with points reset etc on Saturday
and I said to Dianne “Come for a ride to Queanbeyan…you have not been
for a ride in the E for over three years…it’s a nice day…let’s go.”
We get four miles down the road and the clutch disappears. "#@!!!**#
Jaguars. Staggers back home in top gear (luckily we have roundabouts
and no traffic lights on the road to Queanbeyan). Proves how tractable
the E engine is, down to 1000 rpm in top to go around the corner then
foot on the gas…and steadily pull away. Get home and a pool of
fluid manifests itself on the front grass (great weed killer BTW).
Turns out the clutch slave cylinder has blown its guts out.

Up on the ramps, pull out the original cylinder (grit and brake fluid in
eyes, more swearing). Remembers purchasing a brand new slave cylinder
on spec. for $10 in a jumble sale a couple of years ago because it was
in a Jaguar box and had a Jag part number.
Hunt it out (more swearing and cursing amid spiders and grunge under
house) and voila! It is exactly the same. Immediate bliss. The part
details BTW are Jaguar Part No. JC29801. The slave cylinder has the
number 3232-64SC cast into the external side of the slave cylinder
barrel. I don’t know whether it is common to other cars but I noticed
that someone was noting on the list that the slave cylinder “kit” was
the same as for a Ford pick-up truck part. Anyone know the part number
for this?

So, fitted up the pipes etc. after cleaning up, but have not had a
chance yet to fit the new slave cylinder up to the car. Perhaps this
weekend. Anyway, will concentrate on your queries in the next day or
so…sorry for the delay. I will post this message to the list as well
because of the info. about the slave cylinder part numbers.

Noel Annett
68 E (2+2) Manual (His…“On the road ag’in”…Willie Nelson)
67 Daimler (420) (Hers)
71 XJ6 Manual (His - being painted)
85 BMW 528i (Ours)
Canberra, Australia