[E-Type] E-Type Repair (UNCLASSIFIED)

Mr Middleton

I agree with the sentiment of several other posters: the FIRST drive I would take would be to Lillington, North Carolina and then to a repair place in Durham, NC (the name will be un-mentioned).

At each stop I would require the “master mechanic” take a ride with you around the neighbor so he knows what the end result is SUPPOSED to.

I also concur that one shop owes you $3500 – your time and frustration can not be refunded; chalk that up to a (not inexpensive) life lesson. I would go so far as to say that the towing bill to Dick Maury’s more than capable hands should be on the table as well. If nothing else you can take this issue off the table during the “negotiation of the refund” process. Ask him to visualize a new sign on “his” repair garage: “Middleton’s Repair and Service Center”.

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