[E-Type] E-V12 roadster cry for help

I am getting close to finishing line with the restoration of
the body. Trying to make the soft top frame fit, but this is
more a Mission Impossible style adventure. The frame
probably came from the car which has been rolled over, all
brackets have been welded back, rear supporting bracket on
one side is 2 inches longer then on the other side. When
frame erected, the gap between window glass and a frame with
seal is around an inch, which I am not fully happy with. I
will probably opt to buy a new frame, as I don’t really want
to turn to alcohol…
Now to my question. Would some of you guys out there who did
it all before me have some pictures saved?
I would be grateful for pictures of the doors opened& closed
where the erected soft top meets the B post and door, also
pictures of the bare rear leading edge where the soft top is
fixed on. Any input is welcome and big thank you all in advance.–
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