E Type Early One piece cantrails

I’m replacing the interior out of my 1963 E Type fhc built Oct 1962 887351 When I bought this car it didn’t come with the cubby board or the correct Moquett. I’ll be installing a cubby board and the proper Moquett. In the process of ripping out the old interior I noticed my car calls for the older cubby board brackets and originally had a one piece cantrail that only runs across the top, ending at the top rear of the quarter window. Many yrs ago I installed the later 2 piece full cantrail out of my 1966 fhc parts car that isn’t correct for early car. The top cantrail is too long to make a proper fit to the earlier car side upholstery. See picture. I can probably “cut” and flatten my later cantrail at the rear quarter window but I hate to do that. The last picture reflects the correct cantrail as it butts up to the side upholstery.

Any one have this issue before? I would like to buy the correct one piece cantrail but don’t know where to find one. ??? Suggestions? Please Thanks Harold

62 fhc No lower cantrail interior

Harold, the original early 3.8 cantrail ended by being tucked under the vinyl covered side piece behind it. The side piece in your car looks to be too short and also looks like it has the wrong angle at the top end where the cantrail tucks in behind it. If you decided to alter your existing later type cantrail, you’d need to add some metal to re-shape the back end.

Also, the top of the cantrail has a chrome trim, similar to the bonnet trim pressed along the top so the vinyl you use to cover the piece needs to be thin enough to allow that trim to clip over the edge. There are also a couple of pop riveted clips to hold the trim.

Here’s how the cantrail looked in my '62 after I’d finished doing the interior re-fit as original.

x inside rear 2

And the front end.

x pas side dash

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