[E-Type] Emission Test {Scanned}


In CA the cutoff is 1974. It used to move forward each year, but no
more. My 1957 MK VIII and 1969 E-Type do not have to pass CA emissions
tests, but my 1984 XJ6 VdP and 1990 XJ-S do.

George lives in nearby Arizona.


Paul M. Novak

1990 XJ-S Classic Collection convertible
1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas
1969 E-Type Fixed Head Coupe
1957 MK VIII Saloon
Ramona, CA
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Please don’t tell the state of Maryland that an E-Type somewhere in
this world is being tested for emissions! Right now, anything
older than 1978 is grandfathered in Maryland.
We have a chassis dynomometer simulated road test, and the station
attendents are the only persons allowed to operatoe the car. There
isn’t enough Valium on the planet to calm me enough let one of
those monkeys drive my E. Even if they simulate that they know
what they’re doing.

The original message included these comments:

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Annual emissions test for the

I took it out of the garage and decided to check it before running to
the emissions station. The analyzer said it was good so off I went.
I was a bit concerned at the station as the guy had to recalibrate the
tester three or four times but he finally tested the Jag and it passed
with flying colors.

Pete 70 XKE (193K) 88 XJ6 (233K) 88 XJ6 (217K) 60 Mini
Severna park, Maryland, United States

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