[E-Type] fettle

To Warren and all others that responded…
Well alrighty then… I think I’ll go out and fettle the E, but then
there might be a few other things I need to fettle first… Hmmmmm, I
could probably get in trouble with this really quickly :slight_smile:

pauls 67ots

In a message dated 11/8/00 9:20:20 PM Eastern Standard Time,

By your context I can speculate on what “fettle” means but I’d
really like to know for sure


Here it is from the highest authority: Oxford English Dictionary

FETTLE: Condition, state, trim; to be in (good, high, etc.) fettle.


FETTLE: verb. 1.To make ready, put in order, arrange. Also to groom (a
horse), attend to (cattle). 2. To ‘do for’ (a person), to beat.


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