[E-Type] Free GTECH(tm) Pro Offer

FYI: I saw this at a local tyre dealer yesterday…

BFGoodrich® is running a promotion between 6/17/01 and 8/31/01 where if you purchase a set of 4 H, V or Z-rated g-Force, Comp T/A, Touring T/A Scorcher T/A or Euro T/A tyres, you get a free GTECH Pro Performance Meter (as advertised on Speedvision). Naturally, all you need is a car that needs tyres. For more info, go to www.bfgoodrichtires.com or 1-800-677-3322 M-F 8-6PM. Of course, if all you want are tyres, please send me the GTECH Pro (unfortunately, I purchased tyres earlier this year). Thanks. :slight_smile: