E type fuse assortment

Looking for an assortment of fuses for my e type
Ones that fit !! With the paper insert
Any luck anybody
Seems like a good idea to have in glove box .
Thanks Roger

I have no idea where in the world you live and what model E-Type you have, but if you live in the USA most of the usual suppliers (Moss, SNG Barratt, Welsh, etc) carry them. Open up your instrument panel and check out the plate that lists the fuses in your particular model. They are also listed in your Owners Manual if you have one.


British Wiring in PA has fuses, bullets, connectors and an assortment of electrical do dads that others do not.

Thanks Bill
BW have what I’m looking for

These are what I use…

15A SAE is close enough.

It’s even possible to open them up and insert a paper…

I noticed the usual suppliers don’t state the fuses as Lucas manufactured so are they selling a generic brand look a like? As well I noticed British Wiring’s pricing is twice the cost of the usual’s. Is this an indicator they are Lucas?