[E-Type] Fw: Fw: THE LIST INFO, An Update

Hi Dave -
Going to be making a detailed explanation to the list of my progress on
thing. I have data now on over 350 people that have one time or another
written to the list. One or two of these people DID NOT own E-Types and
Wannabe’s are not going to be included. Many of the E-Mail addresses
to be incorrect, which obviously defeats the purpose of this list, as it
supposed to be sociable. The members of the general list have not
to John Walkers request for data, nor have they taken advantage of Mark
Hicks list as I have found over twice as many listers in Fla., Wash., Au.
and elsewhere. How about Moscow? (and that’s not in Idaho!) Switzerland?
One fellow said he heard of a fellow in Germany, but did not know how to
a hold of him. I was able to give him the E-Mail I hope! I also found
another lister in my back yard that I did not know.
You can not believe how time consuming this is, when trying to sew up the
loose ends. Want everything on all the people I am aware of to make any
true merit of doing this insane thing. It appears tha I may have to
to the list to fill in some specific holes. Already had one individual
that his name not be used, which would have made his entry useless.
The existing format of both John’s and Mark’s are great and should be
utilized more. Personally, I am going to San Diego over Labor Day and
not mind meeting someone that likes E-Types as I. Sort of a diversion
listening to the wife trying to tell her estranged son to get married to
girlfriend. Nice people, they, but just blow the doors off our rental
with an E-Type and I’m in a different world. “Hey Buddy!” “I got mine in
wallet! Wanna see?” That kind of thing. I will be using the Excel Format
and will basically be giving it to John and Mark as well as posting it to
the list. Must learn how to do the file attachment thingy first.
Going to start sorting out what I need from whom, on an overview
to see how I’m doing. The response from everyone is +++++ &+++++ (thats
very positive) Everyone wants to know when and where to retreive the data,
still have it all in my addressbook. If I could just send everyone that
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would simplify things.
You have a 74 OTS. I have a 73 OTS. Don’t know if I should do Series
III List or individual lists by year and Style? Any suggestions? What is
the void as far as what the group would like to see?
Mike Powers
73 OTS, UD 1S21413
Federal Way, Wa.

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sure… could you point me to the list where I can see
the others? UE1S23373
'74 OTS