[E-Type] FW: Program on Discovery Europe

Hi listers,

I sent an email top Discovery RE: A Car is Born" and this is what they


Harold Robertson (unrestored driver)
Redding, California, USA
68 FHC 2+2 (unrestored driver) 1E78833BW
71 Volvo 1800e (unrestored driver)

---------- From: Viewer_Relations@discovery.com Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001
14:00:48 -0500 To: Harold Robertson <@Harold_Robertson> Subject: Re:
Program on Discovery Europe

Thank you for contacting Discovery Networks. We appreciate your e-mail.
Unfortunately,“A Car is Reborn” is not available on video. We also do not
have any air dates for this program. We change our program schedule
quarterly (4 quarters per year) and have our completed schedules through
December 2001.

Please feel free to contact Viewer Relations via e-mail or call us toll free
at 1-888-404-5969 between 8 AM and 6 PM (ET), Monday through Friday around
the beginning of January 2002, as we should be receiving schedule updates.

We do have other Discovery programming available on video. Please visit our
website at www.discovery.com and click on “Buy Cool Stuff” to browse our
selection. If there is another specific program you are interested in
purchasing, you can contact our Customer Service Staff toll free at
1-800-475-6636 between 8am and 6pm ET, Monday through Friday. Our Customer
Service Staff will be able to assist you with availability and ordering.

Thanks again for writing.

Sincerely, Michele V Viewer Relations Discovery Networks