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I am not too familiar with the series II fans, I am quite familiar with
electric fans used in electronic equipment however. Fans manufactured by
Comair\Rotron and others, available at most electronic distributors come in
different sizes and can be obtained as 12 VDC, brushless and ball bearing
type. Catalogue I have shows various sizes up to 6.75" diameter (for 12
VDC) 1.2 or 2.3 Amps, depending on the volume (CFM).

These can be purchased new for under $100 or surplus for a lot less. Since
these are brushless and run on sealed ball bearings, they will likely last
many years. As an alternative, you can probably purchase a larger single
unit at a local automotive aftermarket parts store.

Best Regards,
Marc, 66 ots

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Dear E-Type Lovers;

I need to replace the fan motors on a 1970 yr model (two fans). The original
ones are square. I am not all that much concerned with exact originality. Is
there a practical ( inexpensive) alternative ? Are there other motors, not
necessarily Jaguar or Lucas, that are interchangeable ?

If you, or someone, know the answers would you please advise as to
accessability and price ?

Thank you

James Alder

James, Instead of two small ones, replace them with one big one if you
don’t want originality.