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I’m having some difficulty with the Triplex code. My original
windscreen is long gone, but the side windows (FHC) are original and
have the dot over the “X” and under the “Y” on sundym. The headlamp
covers are Triplex toughtened but have no discernable dot. There is an
“AS2” above Triplex, three "X"s in the circle between Triplex and
Toughtened and a heart-shaped device beneath the word toughtened. Please
respond if these identifying marks make any sense. Vehicle is 1966
(purchased 11 May 66).


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Hi, All

I would just like to introduce myself to this august body. I have been learning
by reading your ongoing dialogue with interest for the last few months after
aquiring a 62 3.8 OTS. A 20 year stored baskest case that is rapidly migrating
into a large pile of Jiffy bags. For the Brits, like me but not resident in the
US, those are freezer bags. Easy to seal, store, write on and keep yer bits in,
so to speak. I am sure you will be hearing more from me in the form of dumb

I would just like to comment on the Windscreen thread. It seems that nobody has
mentioned the date stamping that TRIPLEX employed from the early 60s onwards.
Here goes, bare in mind I am doing this from memory so it may need a little more
research work.

There are two codes build into windscreen logo specifically in the words TRIPLEX
and TOUGHENED. The date code takes the form of an almost iledgible dot over a
letter on the word TRIPLEX that indicates the decade of manufacture and one
under the word TOUGHENED for the last digit of the year. So my very scratched
windscreen in the 62 OTS has a dot over the T from TRIPLEX for 60something (the
code doen’t go any earlier than 60 to my knowledge) and a dot under the O from
TOUGHENED, making 62. If the dots were over the T from TRIPLEX and under the H
from TOUGHENED the date would be 65. If the dots were over the R from TRIPLEX
and under the T from TOUGHENED the data would be 71. I am sure you have broken
the code by now. This is present on all TRIPLEX glass in all British cars, side
windows, rear windows, headlight covers etc. Lets you see what a mixture of
years of glasswork your cars have.

Thanks for the ongoing education

Best Regards
Frank Binns


Mine doesn’t say toughened at all! I t says laminated. I don’t see any dots, but thaat might be these old eyes.