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Bounced. Does not like the word help in the subject, thinks it’s a
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 12:22:46 -0500
From: robin d g cooper rdgc@iquest.net
To: "e-type@jag-lovers.org" e-type@jag-lovers.org
Subject: h

i dont know if my request ever reached the list as i have had some
computer problems, if it did my apologies for filling up useless
now for the major problem with my ser 3 e-type. this summer i took the
car out of storage to find that i had no brakes, there was zero fluid in
the master cylinder reservoir , the slave reservoir was full. there was
no indication as to where this fluid had gone, no indication under the
car and there was a plastic sheet so some indication should have been
obvious. i started to bleed the brakes, but i do not seem to be able to
get the air out,no matter how much fluid i pump through , a lot of air
still gets expelled. it is almost as if when i let the brake pedal back
up it sucks air back into the system. is such a thing possible,? what
are everyone’s suggestions , i would like to get some opinions before i
start dismantling the master cylinder. thanks, robin