[E-Type] Hub/differential information; Angus revisited

Listers, While test driving my 65OTS after effecting many various repairs I
noticed a rhythmic “sqeaking” noise coming from the rear. Initially, I
thought it might be a dragging pad on the rear brake or the emergency.
Applying each of these did not change the sound. After the fifty mile drive
nearing home I heard a rather loud “clunking” sound which became more
frequent as I reached home. After elevating the rear of the car I carefully
let out the clutch in first gear. I noticed that the engine almost stalled
and was under some load. When fully engaged the loud clunking sound began.
I then found I could barely rotate the L/H hub by hand. Bottom line, the
hub was binding. After disassembling both hubs we found NO shims had been
installed by a “restorer?” prior to my ownership. The bearing was fried and
damaged the hub and the carrier. Disassembling the R/H hub also revealed no
shims, but the damage was limited to discolored bearings. My fear that the
rapid transfer of torque from one side to the other which had caused the
clunking had damaged the differential appears unfounded as it is now smooth
and quiet. Should you detect a similar rotational high pitch sound coming
from the rear I suggest you carefully identify the cause. BTW, this was not
a loud squeal and initially I thought it might be spoke noise from my new
wheels, so it could easily be overlooked or ignored. Thanks to Dan for
reasonably and expeditiously providing the parts necessary to make the
repair. Hope this helps someone who may experience a similar problem.
“On the Road, Again”
Mike Winney