E Type in Liftmaster Ads

Nice they’ve chosen a proper car as the face for their webpage and video:


60 years on, STILL a recognizable icon!

Great ad… and I get the referent!


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Nice. In the “six degrees of separation” category, one of my former coworkers went to law school with and is a friend of the couple who most recently bought Cameron’s house. Here’s an interesting article about what looks to be a rather pricey renovation: https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20170608/downtown/ferris-bueller-cameron-house-renovation-rehab-glass-ravine-ferrari/

Why would you need a lift there. Just jack up the rear end put it in reverse and let 'er rip. Maybe it will turn into a Ferrari.

Bueller? BUELLER? Has anyone seen Bueller?

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What color do we think the interior of this car is? Looks good. I don’t think its biscuit…

Oh, maaan, dont get @ptelivuo starte… too late.


Oh jeez I hadn’t clicked the link. Just the glass room and red car screamed Bueller. Was the dad from the video in the movie? I don’t recognize him.

Yello !Chickcachickow ! !
yes he was Cameron, whos dad owned the Ferrari, Ferris’ buddy !

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He’s grown up a bit since then.

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yes you can see the Succession :wink:

I’m guessing Cinnamon…(?)