E-Type Intake Manifold Number

Can anyone confirm the correct number for E-Type triple carb 4.2 Intake Manifold, should it be C24420 or C24558, I finding conflicting information.

A quick search on the SNGB site shows C24558 coming up as suitable for S1 and S2 E type.

C24420 produces no result.

You could double check by looking at the Parts Manual.

Yes that is what I have found to be the listing number for ALL Jag Parts Suppliers but the manifold that I am looking at buying has number C24420 and SG7246 in the casting. Some forums suggest that this number may be for the mark X or 420 intake manifold which will not fit under the bonnet of the E-Type.

I have a C24420 manifold on my E-Type. It appears it was used from 1964 to 1967 on 4.2s.

Thanks James. Do you have any info, literature or maybe a Jag manual that supports the use of C24420 on E-Types from 1964 to 1967

Yes. In the US market. The C24420 manifold continued to be used in other markets. To MY 1968 in Canada and beyond for non-NA markets.

C.24558 is the part number listed for a 4.2 E-type intake manifold in the Spare Parts Catalogue.

Another thread just had a posting that suggests C24420 is not a part number but rather a casting number, which would explain why no parts vendors have a listing under that number.


Thanks Dave, I have now found about three threads where owners claim to have Intake Manifolds on their E-Types numbered C24420, so I think it is now safe for me to assume that this is the correct Intake Manifold for converting my 4.2 Series 2 from Twin ZS Carbs to Triple SU Carbs.

Both my USA delivered '67 coupe, and my German delivered '68 ots (with triple SU’s being a European car) have C24420 cast into it. Looking at parts manuals (3) for Ser I, Ser 2, a thin one called “Interim Parts List for 1968 Jaguar “E” Type L.H. drive” (plus 2+2 of the same year), and an SNG catalogue covering all these series, I cannot find C24420 anywhere. The intake manifold in the catalogue, C.24558, however, is stated to be an "Inlet Manifold Assembly, and is specified for all 4.2l engines in all series where triple SU’s are fitted. IME when they describe something as an assembly it has a number of parts, with their own numbers (like a stud), if individually sold, attached to it. May I suggest that C.24420 is an internal factory number of a bare manifold. It will clearly work on your Ser II car.