[E-Type] Interesting item on eBay web site item# 7903373541: 1963 jaguar mark x 3.8 sedan parts car

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Agreed, John! Up to the point of: ‘‘Somehow, they are not now the
gargantuan barges plastered with poor taste they seem to have been
when they were first released - time and age have lent them a grace
and attraction they never appeared to have in their youth.’’

I STILL think the Mk X is uckin’ fugly!..;)))
Then again, I think DKWs are cute…;)–
The original message included these comments:

George, I suspect that Mk Xs are really quite rare now. Given their
propensity for corrosion, the relatively short production life, the number
of them that saw their end in ‘‘Banger racing’’ in the UK, plus the fact that
they are undoubtedly the most unloved of the ‘‘classic’’ era Jags, I’d be
prepared to bet fairly large sums of folding green that there are not too
many serviceable Mk Xs left. If we think the restoration costs of our cars
are high, have pity on the poor Mk X owner, who has relatively few available
panels and parts, faces very high costs for restoring the elegant and large
interior and has E, Mk 2, etc., owners eager to plunder them for their
engines and even the carbs.

Paul Wigton, 1963 FHC, called Tweety!
Brighton, CO, United States
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