[E-Type] Interior kits galore ... (Issue 10 of 10)

Interior kit lovers:
This is the tenth and LAST in a series of pseudo advertisements for a group effort that is in progress at this moment. On a daily basis I will report on where we are. This is the last time this message will run. Anybody who can send in his requirements return mail will probably still be included. Final messages and confirmation will go out this week-end.
Start date of effort: March 6th, 1998
Approx. closing date: March 18th, 1998 closing day.

Kits presently accumulated: 10 (including some individual trim parts)

Original message is available in E-Type Digest V3 #153. If you can’t find it, please contact me direct at @Ron_Connal and I will send you a copy. In addition to the specifics of the car please let me know what time frame you are expecting the delivery in (take into account that the whole process of grouping and deciding will take between 30 and 45 days, delivery after that will take anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks minimum). Every individual who participates in the group buy will be kept up to date as frequently as is required. To minimize the burden on the list, please contact me direct at the above e-mail address, it will be monitored on a daily basis for now.
I will sign off and hope we can conclude this effort in a positive way for all those that have been willing to toss their hat into the … Jag and obviously are committed to keep this wonderful vehicle in excellent condition.
Ron Connal
1969 Jaguar XKE Series II FHC