[E-Type] Kelsey Publishing

On 15th Dec Jagman 70( whoever that is I wonder) mentioned a publication
entitled E-type Restoration published by Kelsey Publishing Ltd. I have just
noticed in the Dec 1998 Practical Classics magazine (not a Kelsey product I
think) an advert for a number of titles. While the above mentioned topic is
not shown in the advert, they may still have it, who knows?.Titles
mentioned were;Jaguar 6 cyl Engine Overhaul (Jaguar World); Jaguar XJ6
Restoration (Jaguar Enthusiast);Mk II Jaguar Restoration (Practical
Classics);and a whole bunch of other interesting stuff. In case anyone is
interested, their address is Cudham Tithe Barn, Berry’s hill, Cudham, Kent
TN16 3AG, Phone 01959 541 444, Fax 01959 541 400, no e-mail it seems.I’ve
no affiliation here, just sharing inf.
John Holmes
S III, '73

John, It appears Practical Classics magazine published a series of articles on
various Jaguars in their monthly magazine which were later republished by
Kelsey Publishing. They are a useful resource in doing restorations. Most are
available from the booksellers in Hemmings.
70 ots

I got my coppies of E-type Jaguar Restoration (a collection of articles
from Practical Classics) and Jaguar 6 cyl Engine Overhaul (a collection of
articles from Jaguar World, both published by Kelsey Publishing Ltd.) from
Midlife Classic Cars. I met them at the big spring car show in Carslile
last year where they were selling a wide selection of car books at great
prices. They are located in Charlotte NC and can be reached at (704)
598-5113. Their email address is midlife@mail.clt.bellsouth.net.
Availability can be a problem but the prices are usually very competetive.

The usual disclamers as to any connection with this small business apply.


67 OTS in parts
67 2+2 basket case