[E-Type] List, web, computer, and e-mail info

Would I be too much of a plebe to ask what s*bbed means? ;^)

On some of the lists, if you leave the “u” in s*bscribe, it bounces…it’s
just a habit I got into so I don’t have to remember which list has
what…list slut that I am.

If it’s not postworthy let me know offline.

I sincerely hope that questions such as this are never frowned upon as I
have gotten almost as much computer, web, and e-mail info from the lists as
I have learned about Jaguars (OJC)

I have been a British car mechanic for twenty five years, and if I do say so
myself, I’m a pretty fair country boy mechanic.

I’m probably five or six times more knowledgeable about Jaguars than I was a
year and a half ago.

Do the math and tell me when I first found Jag-Lovers…

There are some truly exceptional computer folk here and I have found out
that computer guys that have Jaguars have more real world experience and a
firm grip on reality, therefore being much easier to understand for computer
dorks such as I.

Sooooooo, thanks listers for helping me to be a better Jag mechanic.

And thanks to the computer sharpies for making me able to work this box of
steadily dying circuitry that I will have to replace in a few.



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