[E-Type] MIK Jaguar heads for Laguna Seca!

Here’s the latest update on MIK Jaguar’s preparation for Laguna Seca

I am signed up for a Driving Event at Laguna Seca run by Tracquest
http://www.tracquest.com/ I have been working feverishly to get MIK Jaguar
ready. Just made it! I had three main jobs:

  • Valve Adjustment
  • Replace differential output seals, and replace spoiled brake pads (ugh!)
  • Replace all brake pads with racing carbon/kevlar pads (to avoid running

I reported my valve adjustment problems a month or so ago. I re-did
them, and they are right on now. Problems I had were:

  • installation of new cam bearings AFTER measuring original gaps.
  • Mis-measuring shims. Two I pulled out were different from the
    size I recorded putting in by .001 or more. This time I measured old
    shims and new shims just as they were removed and installed.

I was amazed how simple it was to get the rear suspension in and out.
This is because it had been out just in 1999. It actually went just
as the instructions said! Looked beautiful, too. All shiny clean/
powder coated parts without corrosion or wear.
Turns out my diff rebuilder did not include replacing these seals in his
job !!!???@$#! They were old, thus they leaked. I only replaced
one side because that is all that was leaking, and that’s all the new seals
I had. I was on deadline (tonight) so I couldn’t wait. I’ll be back in
again real soon, I bet. I found the trailing arm rear bushings (the
vertical ones)
had stripped out due to torque. Apparently they had been tightened
down in 1999 at other than rest position (though I was careful). I
new ones and very carefully tightened them after driving 10 miles or so.
No more clunks!

I was advised to get track brake pads to avoid excessive wear and maybe
fade at racing speeds. I got what XKs uses – not sure what brand. They
were very surprising!

I expected track pads would not brake well until they were hot – that’s
the rep I heard. These started braking very, very well after only about
6 stop signs on the neighborhood run I did to bed them in. AMAZINGLY
good! The brake pedal pressure was decreased until it’s similar to that in
my '85 Porsche. The give excellent modulation control. The car just
flat out STOPS! unlike I have ever seen in my 25 years owning this car.
Disadvantage is they squeal like railroad cars – very loud and insistent!
Also they may be lacking after long highway miles when they cool down.
My understanding of Kevlar Carbon pads is they wear down rotors very
fast. We’ll see after the track day. The pads I replaced were Mintex
metal pads from BAUSA – reputed to be very good.

I’ll be riding the Michelin XVS 185-15s, since I have not had a chance to
get the 205 Hoosiers mounted yet. Plus I figure the Michelins will
give me super feedback and warning of limits more obviously than
R Tires.

So off to Laguna early tomorrow. I hope to get some photos and
videos online afterward. Wish you could all be driving, too.

Lloyd or Mike, if you are around and want to ride an E Type around
Laguna, they will let us take passengers…and you are welcome!
Just show up at the Laguna paddock late morning or afternoon.


Jerry Mouton mailto:@mouton Laissez les bons temps

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<< Jerry

Jerry Mouton mailto:jerry@moutons.org Laissez les bons temps

Enjoy Laguna Seca, If you see any of the pieces from my bonnet left up in the
corkscrew would you pick them up and send them to me. Im still missing a few.

R Korn

How did it go? I’m envious!

Best Regards, Mike Moore

In a message dated 2/5/01 2:39:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, jerry@moutons.org

So off to Laguna early tomorrow. I hope to get some photos and
videos online afterward. Wish you could all be driving, too.


Congratulations on getting everything ready. Sounds like you are going to
have one hell of a good time! I’m very glad you decided to take MIK Jaguar.
We’ll be looking for a report/photos/etc.

Tell us more about those brake pads after you have tried them on the track.
Also whether they stop squealing! I have Repco Metlmasters on both my cars,
with Brembo rotors. The Bolide came with them from Tom, but I had put the
same combination on the XJ6 about 2 years ago. They squealed at first, but
once broken in they became silent. But I would be up for considering a
change on the Bolide if something else sounds better. (No pun intended!)

Keep the shiny side up!