[E-Type] Nonnnnn Tech. - Bush Pigs

Hi all,
To answer Noel’s question:
A “bush pig” is the colloquial Aussie term for a something less than
attractive female. The bush pig, however, can be transformed, if somewhat
temporarily, into a “good sort” (attractive female) that is worth “rooting”
(engaging in…ahem…you know) by a “cold one” or five (cold one = beer).
One notable Queensland variety of beer being XXXX or Forex, not to be
confused with the U.S. brand of condoms or Foreign Exchange trading talk.

Now, I think that Noel’s ignorance of this term is either feigned or he may
be an agent of influence sent by a foreign power to create havoc among
local communities (who perhaps perceive Jag. owners as capitalist swine).

And he doesn’t like Vegimite too. Hmmm…

'70 FHC
Don’t Flame me its the Christmas season.